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The establishment of a Men's Shed in Inverness was the vision of one particularly far-seeing, local man called Alan Michael.

With his energy, enthusiasm and persuasive powers he galvanised a small group of like minded men to work together to form and develop a Men's Shed.

Now, that early vision has moved forward to a state of reality - notwithstanding the fact that a number of hoops had to be jumped through and several obstacles and disappointments had to be overcome. Failure for this group of men was never an option!

men's shed woodworking handicraft!On 14 February 2014 our Shed was established within good premises and our work began in earnest. Having a supportive landlord we have been able to re-design some of the room space available to us to create amongst other things a woodworking room.

The larger central space will lend itself to more social activities and other adjacent rooms will be utilised for the various activities that are quickly appearing on the “wish list” of members - including computer advice/instruction, water colour painting, photography, indoor bowls, keep fit activities and many more.

We already have an order to provide several decorative, wooden benches for placement along the banks of the Caledonian Canal.

Good financial management is vital and we have been incredibly fortunate in having our first year's rent donated by a local charity. Our focus is now centred upon seeking out local sponsorship and identifying other avenues for longer term, financial support - all to enable our Shed to flourish. We have had a lot of exposure within the local press and have established our own web site. 

Interest in coming to our Shed is growing steadily and we have a wide range of people already committed to it including a variety of tradesmen, Health professionals, civil servants, armed service personnel, police officers and many others. Our Shed aims to be as flexible as possible whilst striving to provide, wherever possible, whatever some of the members of the inverness men's shedpastime, hobby or pursuit our members may request.

Our Logo was devised by members following some brainstorming sessions and one of our original members has composed a poem highlighting the warm welcome that awaits anyone who ventures in through our front door 

The Inverness Men's Shed will prosper because of the nature of those men who are involved – and do not be surprised to see other such Sheds emerging in communities throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

The location of the Men's Shed is indicated by a red marker on the map which can be viewed by clicking here

If you would like to get involved then please drop in to our Tuesday meeting which starts at 10 am.

If you have any questions then please phone on 01463 418122 or use the Enquiries Page.

Registered Charity No. SC048157 
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