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12 November 2017Christmas Lunch on 19 December

Details of our Christmas Lunch have just been released and a new venue announced. This year we will be enjoying it at the British Legion and at a very attractive all inclusive price of £12 for three courses with tea/coffee. Sounds good to me! Previous years  have been popular and successful events so ensure you book your place now.  If you are interested in attending then it's very easy to take part.                                          Just enter your name on the SHED  NOTICEBOARD as soon as possible, please.


24 October 2017Scammers, Cheats and Fraudsters

PC Ross Polworth visited and advised us to be on our guard against bogus callers and scammers who are active in the area. He advised not to deal with doorstep traders and not to engage with cold callers on the phone. He warned of the danger of opening email attachments from unknown sources and supplying confidential details from sources claiming to be your bank.

Please be very careful and ensure you are not the next victim of this terrible crime.

27 September 2017Latest Developments - Alan Shares Current Information

Alan Michael has released this statement today.

As you are aware due to shortage of space and overwhelming costs, we have been looking for alternative premises for some considerable time. Recently I sent a letter to David Sutherland, the well known Inverness business man asking for his assistance.

  • On Wednesday 21 September along with Dave Henry I met David Sutherland. After an initial update on the Shed situation he offered to give us a site for FREE along from ASDA in the Culduthel area of Inverness.
  • He stated that he owns the site and although it is designated for other purposes he does not anticipate any problem getting a change of use.
  • He then stated that he would speak to other large building companies in Inverness and invite them to contribute materials/workforce etc to the building.
  • He stated  there would be plenty parking facilities as well as disabled access.
  • He stated  he had asked his architect to draw up provisional plans which he would send to me shortly. 
  • We accepted in principle this generous offer subject to planning approval etc.  Although the site is not central, the area will be enhanced with the new west link road .
  • Also there are two bus stops close to the site.

Where do we go from here?

At this moment I am waiting for a draft plan of the proposed building from David Sutherland’s architect. I will update you as and when.


26 September 2017New Site For Shed Identified

Breaking News! A well known Inverness businessman has identified a site for our new Shed building and offered his assistance in the project. Sounds like a great offer and we are all delighted to hear about it. We will be able to give more information at a later date when more detail is known.

05 September 2017More St Kilda Joy

A third new arrival in our nest boxes on St Kilda. Splodge hatched on 28.8.17 and, working on a 63 day development period, might not fledge until 29.10.17. Gina Prior, Seabird Ranger on Hirta, is over the moon to have a third hatchling but is concerned for its well-being as weather deteriorates during Sept/Oct, temperatures drop and storms increase. Splodge is a month or more later than normal so we wish him extra good luck in his journey through life.

29 August 2017Shock, Horror! - MP Answers Questions!

Whilst some MP's are skilled in giving non specific responses to specific queries, Drew Hendry, MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, surprised us all by in his non political and candid talk about his life as an MP in Westminster and his straightforward responses to the questions he was asked. Thanks Drew for an entertaining and informative session.

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