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05 September 2017More St Kilda Joy

A third new arrival in our nest boxes on St Kilda. Splodge hatched on 28.8.17 and, working on a 63 day development period, might not fledge until 29.10.17. Gina Prior, Seabird Ranger on Hirta, is over the moon to have a third hatchling but is concerned for its well-being as weather deteriorates during Sept/Oct, temperatures drop and storms increase. Splodge is a month or more later than normal so we wish him extra good luck in his journey through life.

29 August 2017Shock, Horror! - MP Answers Questions!

Whilst some MP's are skilled in giving non specific responses to specific queries, Drew Hendry, MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, surprised us all by in his non political and candid talk about his life as an MP in Westminster and his straightforward responses to the questions he was asked. Thanks Drew for an entertaining and informative session.

17 August 2017An Update From St Kilda

Smudge, picture left, hatched on 20 July, is doing well and is now heavier than its parents!

In a cleit, further up the hill from Smudge’s nest box, one which wasn’t even investigated in 2015 or 2016, there’s been another hatching and this is Squirt, picture right, weighing in yesterday at 23 grams. I’m sure you’d agree she just looks like a wee Squirt.

There is still one more pair incubating an egg so fingers are crossed for another success. Can’t wait to hear what Gina will call this next one!

Here’s a reminder where our boxes are - mainly in the left middle ground. And for those who may not have heard of a cleit before - it  is a stone storage hut or bothy, unique to St Kilda. So please don't forget what a cleit is - it's sure to make an appearance in one of Jimmy's quizzes at some time soon!

15 August 2017Sensational Silver For Scotland

After playing some great golf for Scotland at the 2017 Special Olympics GB National Summer Games in Sheffield, our Alexander retuned home in triumph with a sliver medal. Alexander, we think you are just awesome! Congratulations! What an amazing success.

08 August 2017Bird Photography Make Derek’s Dishwashing Duties A Pleasure!

Derek McGinn took us on a fascinating photographic wildlife tour of his small back garden which is located very near to our Shed. He captivated us with some excellent shots of some familiar garden birds taken through his kitchen window. Thanks Derek -  a most enjoyable presentation.

27 July 2017Shedders’ Remarkable Restoration of Kingsmill’s Bench.

                                                                                                                                   before and after                     

Many people stopped to express their great pleasure in the quality and workmanship of their restored bench as shedders completed the finishing touches and returned it to outside Kingsmill shops. It was evident that this is a favourite meeting area and work took much longer than anticipated due to the amount of friendly locals who stopped to express their thanks. Well done to all involved – good job and already very much appreciated by the community.

21 July 2017Shedders delighted by a new arrival on St Kilda.

Great great news!! Three years into the Leach’s Storm Petrel project and we have had the first success. A young Leach’s chick hatched in one of our boxes on 20 July on St Kilda.

You will recall Shedders engaged in a project to produce 47 nesting boxes to encourage breeding and facilitate research of the Leach's Storm Petrels on the island of St Kilda back in March 2015. Here, the Seabird Ranger for the NTS on St Kilda, Gina Prior, visits to check on progress.

In May 2015 the boxes were investigated by the Leach’s Storm Petrels returning from the ocean to breed. One egg was laid but it later disappeared. In May 2016 more boxes showed signs of birds’ presence - mainly that grasses had been taken in as nest material - and three eggs were laid but all were abandoned for reasons unknown. Gina disected these eggs to gain scientfic information on their stages of development.

In May and June 2017 Gina was aware of a few petrels sitting on nests in the boxes and on 20 July she found that an egg had hatched and the first chick had arrived.




                                                                  She has been named Smudge. Gina checked the box yesterday and the adult bird was sitting. On checking again today she found Smudge home alone and was able to take her out of the box to weigh at 12.3g and measure her. Let’s hope that Smudge is the first of many.

17 July 2017Big Hearted Shedders Complete Coronary Care Courtyard

Raigmore Coronary Care now has a brilliant new courtyard area for their patients and staff built by a group from our shed.

Thanks for all your hard work guys! 

Your creativity and teamwork is outstanding and we have to say it's really looking great!

04 July 2017Watch the Birdie - 1890's style

Shed member and camera enthusiast Ronald Mackinnon makes final adjustments on his 127 year old Thornton-Pickard, 4x5 large format camera before taking this group photograph. And don't we all look fine and dandy.....!


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