17 August 2017
An Update From St Kilda

Smudge, picture left, hatched on 20 July, is doing well and is now heavier than its parents!

In a cleit, further up the hill from Smudge’s nest box, one which wasn’t even investigated in 2015 or 2016, there’s been another hatching and this is Squirt, picture right, weighing in yesterday at 23 grams. I’m sure you’d agree she just looks like a wee Squirt.

There is still one more pair incubating an egg so fingers are crossed for another success. Can’t wait to hear what Gina will call this next one!

Here’s a reminder where our boxes are - mainly in the left middle ground. And for those who may not have heard of a cleit before - it  is a stone storage hut or bothy, unique to St Kilda. So please don't forget what a cleit is - it's sure to make an appearance in one of Jimmy's quizzes at some time soon!

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